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Strive to Become a Better Hip Hop Dancer

At Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City, our hip hop classes are taught by industry professionals who take time to give back in the way of educating the next generation of dancers. Our hip hop classes are challenging and we expect our students to strive to be their best every day.

We love when students demonstrate the desire to be open to learning all the time. A desire to learn opens up possibilities. Dance is a very visual genre and students can learn how to dance simply by watching their teachers and then properly modeling. Hip hop dances and teachers can learn from each other as individual style is crucial to the success of hip hop dancers. As dancers are in class, we encourage them to watch the teacher and then give it a try adding in individual style to the technique. Watching first will propel students ten steps ahead of others – especially others who ask questions before watching.

Our teachers also encourage students to experience each class and not just take the class as a way to fill time. Engaging with the music, feeling the beat and working with the music are crucial skills in a hip hop class. Even if the class is a beginner class, students can always find ways to turn it up and dance at an advanced level. Focusing on areas of improvement and highlighting key techniques are great ways to turn a beginning hip hop class into an individual advanced hip hop class.

In hip hop, style is something that many dancers have a hard time developing. Style comes from dancer’s posture and the feeling a dancer gets from the music. A party song may allow dancers to feel more free and thus have to loosen the spine. Clean lines are not common in hip hop and dancers should dance with the entire body to give the look of being more alive rather than cool, calm and contained.

Our hip hop classes in Cooper City and teachers demand a lot from our students and we hope that students will get out of the class what they put into it!

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