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Contemporary Dance: What is it?

If Ballet is the heart of dance, Contemporary is the soul. Contemporary dance combines a variety of dance techniques such as ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical to create a beautiful style of dance filled with emotion. It incorporates a lot of floor work and although technique is important, contemporary dance is more of a free form than the disciplined style of ballet. Contemporary dance is often raw and thought provoking taking the audience on an emotional journey. Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham and Isadora Duncan are a few of the great contemporary dancers that have helped develop the style into what it is known as today. Contemporary dance is a true expression of emotion through movement. Contemporary dance has exploded in the last decade and is often the style of choice for performances and competitions alike.

Dancer’s Gallery is proud to offer  Contemporary dance classes in the Cooper City, Davie, Pembroke Pines area.  The amazing instructors teach students how to dig deep to turn their emotions into movement in a unique way.  The performance and competition teams at Dancer’s Gallery receive intense training in the style along with ballet, jazz and tap.  Acro skills can also be useful in Contemporary.  Call Dancer’s Gallery today at 954-437-9910 to try a class or come take a tour of the amazing 10,000 sq ft studio complete with an in-house theatre.