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The Importance of Rehearsals

In all styles of dance, repetition is the most critical thing to learning a piece. For a dancer to remember the steps and master the natural look of the movements there is nothing more effective than repetition and rehearsal. When dancers repeat movements over and over, motor memory kicks in and forces muscles to perform tasks without the brain having to work overload.

At Dancer’s Gallery our teachers have very clear images of what they want their pieces to look like and the messages to be sent to the audience. We strive to schedule designated rehearsal time as to not take away from learning technique. Attending scheduled rehearsal is critical to the success of dances and to insuring our audiences enjoy the beauty of our dances. Our teachers and choreographers may not always teach a dance in its exact order and we expect that our dancers will rise to the occasion and stay focused in class and during rehearsal. Rehearsal time is when our dancers perfect the steps, work on technical execution and combine their creativity with their fellow dancers. We want our students and parents to know that while rehearsals may be long hours it is always for the benefit of the dancer and an essential part of a dancer’s education. We expect our dancers to not miss rehearsal, be on time and be respectful to teachers and fellow dancers.

We love to hear our dancers telling their friends, “I can’t, I have dance”.

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