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Ballet Dancing: Facts & Ideas

Dancing has always held its place in the hearts of those who love the arts, and ballet has proven even more resilient, standing the test of time and changing cultures. This elegant dance form may seem relatively simple to an initial onlooker, but takes years of practice to master. Most ballet dancers spend hours each day with Ballet Dance Classes, striving to reach much-coveted levels of perfection. With its history of over 500 years, there is much more to this dance form than meets the naked eye.

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Art Classes at Summer Camp

“Art class makes me feel like I can get better and be good at anything” -Alexis Li 9 year-old, Summer Camp student

Summer Camp 2017 is underway at Dancer’s Gallery and word around the dance floor says that Ms. Elsa’s art classes are becoming a free-time favorite!

Although Dancer’s Gallery takes pride in grooming excellent dancers, we also make sure to offer our students various forms of expression when it comes to the arts.

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15 Things That Dancer’s Do Better At Life

People often admire accomplished dancers, because they “make it look too easy”. However, in reality being outstanding is far from easy, in fact it takes a willingness to push yourself even harder while everyone else takes breaks. You can get the best advice from the most advanced dancers but you won’t get far until you are willing to work hard and commit to excellence. Here’s a list of 15 things you must master if you truly want to take your art form to the next level! Read more “15 Things That Dancer’s Do Better At Life”


5 Reasons Every Woman Should Take Up Belly Dance…

It is a well known fact that belly dancing has been around us for centuries and is one of the most popular dance forms in the middle east as well as in many corners of the world. Not many people know this, but Belly dancing was created by Egyptians many years ago and is known worldwide for its sensual styles. This dance style is also very beneficial for health and offers uncountable health benefits. Believe it or not, belly dancing is the best medium for burning calories and offers great body-mind-spirit integration. Read more “5 Reasons Every Woman Should Take Up Belly Dance Classes”


After School Care – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s that time of the year again when kids are back to school and need something to do after school. As parents, you wonder what is the best way to utilize their time. The answer to your question is – Dancer’s Gallery’s After School Care in Davie / Cooper City. There might be a lot of questions that may come up in your mind when you think about enrolling your child for an After School Care Program. Here are some of the questions that we get asked all the time. Read more “After School Care – Frequently Asked Questions”


Benefits of Summer Camp Dance Programs

Nowadays, many schools and clubs organize Summer camps for children of different age groups. Summer camps are considered as one of the best ways to keep the children engaged during the summer time. Not only children, but summer camps are gaining popularity day by day among parents too, as it is the best alternative to help your kids stay smart and active. If you are also looking for some daytime activities for your children, then Dancer’s Gallery’s Summer Camp in Cooper City is surely the best option for both kids as well as teenagers. Dancing is always fun, but it becomes even more fun and exciting when you do it in groups. Read more “Benefits of Summer Camp Dance Programs”


Beat the Heat and Groove with Summer Camp 2016

Summer is already knocking the doors and the schools are all set for the summer break. The more scorching the summer is, the more chilled you need to be. Summer Camp at Dancer’s Gallery provides a great opportunity for infants, kids and teenage boys & girls to learn the exciting dance forms along with loads of fun. Learning while enjoying – sounds great? Set your feet free and shake your body with the trendy and classic rhythms. We are geared up to ignite the passion of the dance loving kids and young brigade with our exclusive Summer Camp 2016.
Who Can Join The Camp? Read more “Beat the Heat and Groove with Summer Camp 2016”


Tone up with Contemporary Dance

Welcome to our contemporary dance studio where a groovy unification of art, culture and trend can be explored in a broad manner. If you are passionate about dancing and slow as well as crisp moves catch your attention then Contemporary Dance Classes is surely something you need to go for. Today, almost all the dance reality shows call attention to the contemporary dance form and the best thing about this style is that the more you get into it, the more moves you discover. Dance has always been an efficient medium to express feelings and convey a message without uttering even a single word. Contemporary dance form lets you exhibit the emotions hidden inside you in a loud way to your audience. Sometimes, the glimpses of many dance styles can be found in contemporary dance form. You can’t expect professional lessons for pure contemporary dance form from the ordinary dancing institutes as most of them remain confused about the appropriate contemporary movements and the apparel. Read more “Tone up with Contemporary Dance”


Essential Tips for Beginner Belly Dancers

Is belly dancing the dance form that makes your heart beats catch some extraordinary pace? Well, if you are passionate enough about belly dancing then the doors to fortune open at Dancer’s Gallery. Belly dancing is basically a western dance form that is extremely graceful and hypnotic. Belly dancing is one of the dance forms that exhibit the real grandeur of a woman at her best. As the nations differ, some alterations in the dance form can be seen. The dance form has its roots in the ancient Arabic communities. The music and the costume are the primary essences of the Belly Dancing. If you too wish to dazzle everyone while performing your belly dance number on a recognized or big platform, then the best Belly Dance Classes in Cooper City or Davie are available at Dancer’s Gallery for you to polish your skills and make your moves professional. Read more “Essential Tips for Beginner Belly Dancers”


  • Dancer’s Gallery was heaven on earth for my daughter. She danced there from the age of 3 until she was 14 years old. The teachers are wonderful. The atmosphere makes you feel comfortable to drop your child off at class and run an errand. My daughter would live there if she could! Ms. Christie was not only one of her instructors she became family. I feel privileged that my daughter had the chance to attend! Dancer’s Gallery helped make my daughter the confident young lady she is today.

    Ann House | Dance Mom
  • I have been a part of Dancer’s Gallery for 18 years and it’s been the most amazing experience. Miss Christie is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Miss Christie and her entire staff go above and beyond for their students. This new studio in Cooper City is amazing. You feel like home when you walk in there. I wish Miss Christie and the entire staff of Dancer’s Gallery all the best in their new home.

    Debbie Plemondon | Business Partner / Advocate
  • Dancer’s Gallery is the best studio ever! It feels like home. This beautiful arts center is the best place you can ever find in Florida with the best instructors, the best training and the best people.

    Viviana Rosario | Dance Mom
  • From the minute you walk in here, it feels like a family environment. My girls have been dancing here for over 3 years and I have enjoyed seeing them fulfill their dreams in dance.

    Alina Martinez | Dance Mom
  • My daughter has been growing up with Dancer’s Gallery since she was 3. She now teaches the next generation of artists. Her career in the arts flourished into: Dancing, Acting, Singing, Modeling, a Marlins Mermaid, Choreography, and has featured as a dancer in the movie “Rock of Ages”. I attribute her talented skills to the training, discipline and opportunities offered in this wonderful environment.

    Diana Lugo | Dance Mom
  • “ Dancer’s Gallery is the best dance studio around. Their facility is like no other and they offer a huge variety of performing arts for children and adults. Each instructor brings their own style and offer a lot of freedom of expression while focusing on technique. I love it there and love the fact that my two boys and daughter can share the experience of dancing at Dancer’s Gallery. BRAVO! ”

    Netalie Sivan Santos | Proud Mom