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Benefits of Summer Camp Dance Programs

Nowadays, many schools and clubs organize Summer camps for children of different age groups. Summer camps are considered as one of the best ways to keep the children engaged during the summer time. Not only children, but summer camps are gaining popularity day by day among parents too, as it is the best alternative to help your kids stay smart and active. If you are also looking for some daytime activities for your children, then Dancer’s Gallery’s Summer Camp in Cooper City is surely the best option for both kids as well as teenagers. Dancing is always fun, but it becomes even more fun and exciting when you do it in groups.

There are numerous benefits of joining Dancer’s Gallery’s Summer Camp for kids:

1. Help kids to stay productive – It is the most productive way to spend your summer time. Your children get engaged in various activities and learn a new dance form that helps them keep both their body and mind active at the same time. Surely you don’t want your children to waste this precious time in playing video games or spending time in front of the computer or TV.

2. Best exercise for health – Dance is an exercise that keeps our body healthy and fit. Staying inside the whole day makes kids feel lazy. It also affects the thinking ability of the child’s brain. So it is very important to include some form of exercise in your child’s routine and our Summer Camp in Davie / Cooper City is the best option for this.

3. They learn to make friends – Some parents complain that their children don’t gel well with other children or do not make many friends. If your child can use help with this, then you should immediately enroll them in our summer camp. In our summer camp they do activities in groups, they learn dance in groups, interact with each other and helps them make life long friendships.

There are many dance studios worldwide that organize Dance Summer Camps for children every summer. Dance summer camp at Dancer’s Gallery is the best way to learn dancing as we have a team of expert instructors who are trained to teach students various forms of dancing. Some of the dance forms that we teach kids in dance summer camp includes:

Ballet – This dance form is one of the most renowned dance forms worldwide. It is the most technical and sophisticated form of dancing that has its own French terminology.

Hip-Hop – Also known as “Street Dance”, this dance form includes locking, popping, breaking and gained popularity due to the dance crews in the USA.

Belly Dance – The dance form originated in the middle east and has become one of the most preferred dance styles among girls. This dance form includes amazing body movements, mainly -belly and hips.

Silks – Silks is a type of aerial acrobatics done while hanging from a fabric. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions.

Over and above these, we also train kids in Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro, Musical Theatre, Flamenco & more.

To know more about our Summer Camp, visit our website today. You can call us on 954.437.9910 or just drop into our studio at 12323 SW 55th St #1010, Cooper City, FL 33330.