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At Dancer’s Gallery our recital is the biggest even of the year for the school, like most dance schools. However, we can proudly say we vamp it up a bit! Of course, this adds more work for the owners and staff but the pay off is huge especially for the students to be a part of a production in which Dancer’s Gallery is becoming known locally of executing a bigger caliber of a “Recital” show. We have repeatedly heard the feeling that both a student gets from being able to perform on a stage with all the extra goodies and to be a parent watching their child on a platform as such is satisfying and amazing to watch in so many ways.

You don’t believe us? Check any of our postings on social media of our 2018 Recital show or check our clip we posted below.

So Recital is done. Now what? Summer Camp and Summer classes are in session. Make sure to take a look at everything happening right now and while the school is still in motion for the summer and we are un-recital-ing the school from our 2018 show. We immediately begin working on our 2019 show. No time to waste because at Dancer’s Gallery we are dedicated in making sure we not only grow as people, grow in our skill and talent but ensure the show grows and each year is better than the last!

We asked one of our students about how they felt being part of Dancers Gallery’s Recital this year;
Courtney (Age 16) has been dancing with Dancer’s Gallery for the past 8 years and has performed in each recital. When asking Courtney questions regarding recital she was smiling in and upbeat obviously displaying her satisfaction in being able to be a part of the show.

Me: What was different about this recital in comparison to past years?

Courtney: This year the production was heightened and you can feel the increase in organization overall.

Me: Have you been or seen other studio’s recitals and what do you think?

Courtney: I have and the recitals I have seen or been to are smaller with only 20 or so pieces and we have 2 shows with over 50 pieces in each show. The first and second show are not the same which you can tell ours are a lot larger.

Me: Do you feel being part of a recital show with more production than usual in regards to extra lighting, fog machines, beautiful backdrops, silks and lyras prepares you a little more for future professional auditions and potential jobs?

Courtney: Absolutely, being exposed to all those factors is something I may not have had the chance to experience on the level we did at our Recital.

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