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Preparing Young Dancers for Performances

During this time of year at Dancer’s Gallery we are excited for several upcoming performances both in the studio and in the community. We strive to prepare all of our dancers to perform at their personal best while making sure our youngest dancers are comfortable on stage, especially those who are new to stage performing. We encourage all parents to join us in a few basic steps to help in the preparation of young dancers as this will help everyone have an enjoyable experience.

In the weeks leading up to the various performances we start talking with our students about what they can expect on the day of the show. We talk with them about how they will arrive to the studio (or theatre) in their costume, their family will be sitting in the audience watching and clapping for them, they will stay backstage with a parent helper or teacher, they can use the bathrooms, have a snack, and that they will see their dance teacher backstage before they dance. Young children like to talk about things when it’s fun and happy.

At Dancer’s Gallery we also try to have all of our dancers rehearse in their costumes at the studio prior to any performances as this gives our youngest dancers a chance to get comfortable with the costume before going on stage and it gives our teachers a chance to make any last minute changes or costume fixes ahead of time. Giving our young dancers a dress rehearsal also provides them an opportunity to hear the audience clap for them and practice their smiles! Lastly, our staff of professional teachers is always off to the side of the stage or in the wings when the young dancers are performing. The dancers will be able to sneak a peek off to the side if they forget the steps and look like they never missed a beat!

We are always so proud of all of our performers on stage and the way they represent Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City community!

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