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Hiplet is a new movement combining Ballet and Hip Hop. Although the movement is gaining popularity in the dance world especially in major metropolitan cities across the US. A large part of the dance community is not entirely convinced. We can’t help but to think about both sides of the argument of this uncommon union.

Is combining ballet class (the foundation of proper technique) and the informal Street Hip Hop style class the mother of oxy morons? Is it a disrespect to both genres by combining them into a Hiplet class or is it a lack of service to dance by keeping them in their box? In fact, is every fusion a lack of disrespect to each of its major genres? Who decides that?

Music is a universal language that has proven over and over again to bring humanity together regardless of race or language. Dancing is a major factor in that universal language and if denied or looked down upon a new movement like Hiplet, are we stunting our own potential growth?

Is the divide between technically trained dancers and street dancers that evident in the dancing community? Do we secretly stay within our comfortable dance tribes?

At Dancer’s Gallery we are conscious of pushing limits and are open minded to all evolutions of dance. A Hiplet class might be on the dance class schedule in the near future and/or any other new classes Dancer’s Gallery is inspired by. We welcome everyone of all dance levels regardless of experience and believe when you are challenged you are lead to be inspired. Inspiration will lead you to creativity. Creativity will assist you in Identity as long as everything is accompanied by PASSION!

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