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Hip Hop is great exercise for young dancers

Great news parents! New research out of University of California, San Diego now shows that signing your children up for hip hop classes gives them the best opportunity for increased levels of intensity in their movements. The after care hip hop dance classes in Cooper City will insure that your child meets the recommended thirty minute minimum of moderate to vigorous daily exercise. As children get older the type of dance they study affects their level of moderate to vigorous activity. Out of all of the styles of dance studied, the hip hop classes provided the most active type of movement with over 57% of class time being devoted to vigorous activity. The study went on to prove that jazz, tap and ballet classes also provided an adequate level of vigor slightly less than that in the hip hop classes.

All of the dance classes at Dancer’s Gallery are structured to maximize the time children engage in movement. The team of experienced teachers stresses the importance of mastering technique, teaching the importance of musicality, individual dance style and modeling overall positive dance behavior. All of the dancers are given the chance to continue on into advanced levels of the hip hop classes (and other styles of dance classes) as their ability improves. Since hip hop classes incorporate a variety of styles such as break dancing, popping and traditional jazz students are able to take what technique they learn in other dance classes and use it in their hip hop classes. The unique hip hop music also gives dancers an outlet for releasing energy while the style of dance enables students to use their own creativity and create their own moves and combination.

Dancer’s Gallery strives to develop creativity and expression in all students and their hip hop classes do just that.