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Five reasons to send your kids to Summer Dance Camp

“I am bored!” This is the dreaded phrase every parent hears as soon as the summer break approaches!

The first few days will be super busy because families go out for trips, beaches, and amusement parks. After a week, your child might get a monotonous feeling. In order to ward off mischief; it is essential to keep your child more active – and less bored!

Summer is the perfect time to sharpen their skills so that they stand out from the crowd. Summer dance camps are quite an amazing option to consider. They help chisel the overall personality of any child. Here are 5 reasons to send your kids to Summer Dance Camp:

    • Your child can gain self-confidence which can help them further in their lives to deal with any sort of situation.
    • They can build a new perspective once they join a summer dance camp. People of dynamic diversities they meet there, increase the chances to create or develop a unique perspective of their own.
    • They may learn new things and understand how discipline works. It will add up to their learned skills and help them perform better in the future.
    • They can learn to be more expressive. A major skill children pick up when learning any form of dance is how to express. This can be a major benefit for children who are naturally shy or under-confident.
    • It will enable them to build a better physical structure and flexibility. Their sense of control and concentration also increases.

Dancer’s Gallery has been providing quality dance instruction in South Broward for over 20 years. We have a sprawling 10,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Cooper City that includes an in-house black box theater. Dancer’s Gallery offers various options for Summer Camp in Davie and Cooper City. Our Summer Camp caters to children from the age of 2 years to 17 years. Check out some of the details for the best Summer Camp in Cooper City:-

Princess Dance Camp (2-5 years)

This camp includes 8 weekly sessions of Princess Magic including Ballet, Tap, Acro, Tea Party, Arts & Crafts and much more!

For more information about timings, registration fees and other relevant details regarding the Princess Dance Camp, click here.

Mermaid Tumbling (3-12 years)

We also have super magical mermaid tumbling classes for ages 3-4, 5-7 and 8-12 that include full-on acrobatic tumbling with your very own mermaid tail!

For more information about timings, registration fees and other relevant details regarding Mermaid Tumbling, click here.

Performing Arts Camp (5-17 years)

This exciting camp covers a wide range of performing arts including Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Fashion, Etiquette, Modeling, Musical Theatre, Yoga, Salsa and much more!

For more information about timings, registration, fees and other relevant details regarding the performing arts camp, click here.

Don’t wait, Register Today to make your child’s summer full of memorable moments and be the coolest parents ever!

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