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Essential Tips for Beginner Belly Dancers

Is belly dancing the dance form that makes your heart beats catch some extraordinary pace? Well, if you are passionate enough about belly dancing then the doors to fortune open at Dancer’s Gallery. Belly dancing is basically a western dance form that is extremely graceful and hypnotic. Belly dancing is one of the dance forms that exhibit the real grandeur of a woman at her best. As the nations differ, some alterations in the dance form can be seen. The dance form has its roots in the ancient Arabic communities. The music and the costume are the primary essences of the Belly Dancing. If you too wish to dazzle everyone while performing your belly dance number on a recognized or big platform, then the best Belly Dance Classes in Cooper City or Davie are available at Dancer’s Gallery for you to polish your skills and make your moves professional.

How is belly dance different from other dance forms?

There is myriad of dance forms existing in the world. Some of them are classical while others are contemporary. All the dance forms possess their own niche but when it comes to Belly Dancing, it is pretty tough to surpass the charm and the spell of the dance form. A perfect balance of expressions and seducing moves makes the dance form breathtaking.

Many dance forms demand the free movement of the body and utilization of a huge part of the stage while the Belly dancing requires crisp movements of the hips and isolation of torso muscles. Unlike other traditional dance forms, the costume required for belly dancing is pretty appealing and sensuous. The basic movements that every tyro belly dance fanatic can learn at our Dance Studio include:

  • Fluid Movements – Figures of 8’s
  • Vibrations, shivers and shimmies
  • Percussive movements – Lifts and drops and more
  • Circles
  • Undulations
  • Twists
  • Slides

Basic tips for novice enthusiasts

We believe in creating simple and understandable steps so that the novice dancers can learn them appropriately and practice them to develop the professionalism in the moves. We strive to offer a comprehensive learning process where every basic and advanced details regarding belly dancing is discussed among the students. We will teach you the elementary tips that will help you to make your moves appreciable and professional throughout your dancing career. The basic tips that we share among every batch of students include:

  • Choose a standard sized light weight and soft fabric for your veil
  • Interweave the veil fabric between the fingers to receive extra comfort while using the veil as a dance prop
  • Choose a less windy environment
  • Keep the upper body lines clear to grab the audience attention
  • Do not make your step transitions clumsy
  • Keep altering the movements throughout the dance – avoid repeating the steps
  • If you commit any mistake while dancing on the stage – just let it go. Keep engaging the audience with killer expressions instead

We wholeheartedly welcome all the enthusiastic belly dance lovers to our Dance Studio and we promise to coach them incredibly through our professional Belly Dance Classes. For more information, feel free to call us on – 954-437-9910 or email us on –