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Dance and performing arts help to increase children’s self esteem

Self-esteem is developed rather early on in children’s lives with some research showing as early as the infant stages. It is the child’s vision and value of themselves as well as feeling capable while also feeling simultaneously loved. A child who is happy with their achievement yet does not feel loved may eventually experience low self-esteem. The ebb and flow pattern of self-esteem starts very early in life and the concept of success as a result of effort and persistence also starts early. At Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City, we strive to promote a high level of self-esteem in all of our ballet classes, hip hop classes and all other classes. All of our teachers promote healthy self-esteem by showing encouragement and enjoyment in all classes and to all students regardless of age or level.


Through encouragement, demonstration, preparation and setting realistic goals and expectations in all of our ballet classes we are able to stress the importance of maintaining high self-esteem. All of our dance students have the opportunity to study dance, practice and rehearse in an open and safe environment without the fear of failure or criticism. Our ballet dance classes in Cooper City are structured so students have a chance to be influenced by an adult role model, receive positive feedback and learn from one another. In our ballet classes students receive honest praise in a safe and loving environment.

At Dancer’s Gallery, we believe that a child’s participation in dance should be an enjoyable experience that promotes self-confidence, self-esteem and self-identity. We give our dance students the chance to express feelings and ideas through movement which in turn helps them gain self-awareness and increase self-esteem. We encourage parent involvement and strive to create a partnership with our students and their families to continue building strong, smart and self-confident artists.

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