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Essential Tips for Beginner Belly Dancers

Is belly dancing the dance form that makes your heart beats catch some extraordinary pace? Well, if you are passionate enough about belly dancing then the doors to fortune open at Dancer’s Gallery. Belly dancing is basically a western dance form that is extremely graceful and hypnotic. Belly dancing is one of the dance forms that exhibit the real grandeur of a woman at her best. As the nations differ, some alterations in the dance form can be seen. The dance form has its roots in the ancient Arabic communities. The music and the costume are the primary essences of the Belly Dancing. If you too wish to dazzle everyone while performing your belly dance number on a recognized or big platform, then the best Belly Dance Classes in Cooper City or Davie are available at Dancer’s Gallery for you to polish your skills and make your moves professional. Read more “Essential Tips for Beginner Belly Dancers”


Contemporary Dance: What is it?

If Ballet is the heart of dance, Contemporary is the soul. Contemporary dance combines a variety of dance techniques such as ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical to create a beautiful style of dance filled with emotion. It incorporates a lot of floor work and although technique is important, contemporary dance is more of a free form than the disciplined style of ballet. Read more “Contemporary Dance: What is it?”


The Importance of Rehearsals

In all styles of dance, repetition is the most critical thing to learning a piece. For a dancer to remember the steps and master the natural look of the movements there is nothing more effective than repetition and rehearsal. When dancers repeat movements over and over, motor memory kicks in and forces muscles to perform tasks without the brain having to work overload. Read more “The Importance of Rehearsals”


The Basics of Ballet

Starting a young child in ballet class is something that most parents and children imagine from very early on. The little pink slippers, black leotards, pink tights and hair pulled into a bun are images that are burned into our memories of what ballet is. As a parent and a young dancer, it is important to also learn the fundamentals of what makes up the art of ballet so help support young dancers in their dance education. Read more “The Basics of Ballet”


Preparing Young Dancers for Performances

During this time of year at Dancer’s Gallery we are excited for several upcoming performances both in the studio and in the community. We strive to prepare all of our dancers to perform at their personal best while making sure our youngest dancers are comfortable on stage, especially those who are new to stage performing. We encourage all parents to join us in a few basic steps to help in the preparation of young dancers as this will help everyone have an enjoyable experience. Read more “Preparing Young Dancers for Performances”


Benefits of music and movement in children’s lives

Reaction to music and movement is an instinctive characteristic found in all humans, specifically young children. Children find a way to use music and dance to express themselves and to develop a sense of emotional, cognitive, social and language related skills. At Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City the ballet, hip hop, jazz and acrobatic classes offered through the after care program provide a tremendous opportunity for children to further develop their love for music and movement. Children enrolled in Dancer’s Gallery after care program are given the chance to grow intellectually, socially and physically. The ballet and hip hop classes reinforce coordination and discipline and help the children gain self confidence. Read more “Benefits of music and movement in children’s lives”


Hip Hop is great exercise for young dancers

Great news parents! New research out of University of California, San Diego now shows that signing your children up for hip hop classes gives them the best opportunity for increased levels of intensity in their movements. The after care hip hop dance classes in Cooper City will insure that your child meets the recommended thirty minute minimum of moderate to vigorous daily exercise. As children get older the type of dance they study affects their level of moderate to vigorous activity. Out of all of the styles of dance studied, the hip hop classes provided the most active type of movement with over 57% of class time being devoted to vigorous activity. The study went on to prove that jazz, tap and ballet classes also provided an adequate level of vigor slightly less than that in the hip hop classes. Read more “Hip Hop is great exercise for young dancers”


Safety at the Studio

As a parent the safety and security of children is always top priority. Making the choice of where and how to support children in their after school activities involves many criteria including but not limited to the level of safety in the environment they are to be placed. At Dancer’s Gallery, we aim to maintain a completely safe and secure studio in which all students can thrive. Whether your child is with us for ballet classes, hip hop classes, jazz or tap classes we insure their safety is our top priority. Read more “Safety at the Studio”


Dance and performing arts help to increase children’s self…

Self-esteem is developed rather early on in children’s lives with some research showing as early as the infant stages. It is the child’s vision and value of themselves as well as feeling capable while also feeling simultaneously loved. A child who is happy with their achievement yet does not feel loved may eventually experience low self-esteem. The ebb and flow pattern of self-esteem starts very early in life and the concept of success as a result of effort and persistence also starts early. At Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City, we strive to promote a high level of self-esteem in all of our ballet classes, hip hop classes and all other classes. All of our teachers promote healthy self-esteem by showing encouragement and enjoyment in all classes and to all students regardless of age or level. Read more “Dance and performing arts help to increase children’s self esteem”


  • Dancer’s Gallery is a place I consider my childhood and where I grew up. Christie Stark is the most dedicated and welcoming Dance teacher and studio owner I could ever imagine. I looked up to her each and every day and considered her my role model as well as the rest of the dance teachers there. Along the way I made some lifetime friends and memories I will never forget. Dancer’s Gallery will forever be in my heart and is the best place for anyone to find their passion in dance. It goes way beyond just a dance studio. It becomes a second home. XOXO

    Chelsea Maloney | Dance Mom
  • I want to give a HUUUUUGE shoutout to Dancers Gallery on Flamingo near Sterling!! I’m going crazy with just just two kids while school is closed, but they opened their doors to all kids today in our community for a free Irma Relief Day Camp and discounted prices the rest of the week until school resumes.

    It was our first time there, and I can’t say enough good things about how well organized it was as well as how kind all the staff were. It’s a HUGE studio run by people with even HUGER hearts.

    Lindsey MacGruer | Dance Mom
  • My daughter has been a CAST Member at Dancers Gallery (Competition Team) for 4 years now and her growth as a dancer is just amazing! I am looking forward to a great competition season this year!Their summer intensive is 2nd to none and the instructors take pride in their work and love our children as if they were their own!
    Love our Dancers Gallery Family!

    Irma V. | Dance Mom
  • Dancer’s Gallery was heaven on earth for my daughter. She danced there from the age of 3 until she was 14 years old. The teachers are wonderful. The atmosphere makes you feel comfortable to drop your child off at class and run an errand. My daughter would live there if she could! Ms. Christie was not only one of her instructors she became family. I feel privileged that my daughter had the chance to attend! Dancer’s Gallery helped make my daughter the confident young lady she is today.

    Ann House | Dance Mom
  • I have been a part of Dancer’s Gallery for 18 years and it’s been the most amazing experience. Miss Christie is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Miss Christie and her entire staff go above and beyond for their students. This new studio in Cooper City is amazing. You feel like home when you walk in there. I wish Miss Christie and the entire staff of Dancer’s Gallery all the best in their new home.

    Debbie Plemondon | Business Partner / Advocate
  • Dancer’s Gallery is the best studio ever! It feels like home. This beautiful arts center is the best place you can ever find in Florida with the best instructors, the best training and the best people.

    Viviana Rosario | Dance Mom
  • From the minute you walk in here, it feels like a family environment. My girls have been dancing here for over 3 years and I have enjoyed seeing them fulfill their dreams in dance.

    Alina Martinez | Dance Mom
  • My daughter has been growing up with Dancer’s Gallery since she was 3. She now teaches the next generation of artists. Her career in the arts flourished into: Dancing, Acting, Singing, Modeling, a Marlins Mermaid, Choreography, and has featured as a dancer in the movie “Rock of Ages”. I attribute her talented skills to the training, discipline and opportunities offered in this wonderful environment.

    Diana Lugo | Dance Mom
  • “ Dancer’s Gallery is the best dance studio around. Their facility is like no other and they offer a huge variety of performing arts for children and adults. Each instructor brings their own style and offer a lot of freedom of expression while focusing on technique. I love it there and love the fact that my two boys and daughter can share the experience of dancing at Dancer’s Gallery. BRAVO! ”

    Netalie Sivan Santos | Proud Mom