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Best Classes for Fitness You Never Thought to Try

There have been many dance classes created specifically for fitness. Jazzercise has been around for decades and was started as a way to give a more entertaining spin to the boring old aerobics classes. Zumba has really become popular in many fitness clubs by being very high-energy with a Latin flavor which many participants love.

The question is, what types of dance can one take that is not specifically for fitness, but can give a great workout? Three such styles of dance are Hip Hop, Belly Dancing and Aerial Silks. Although, many may not think to join any of these classes as part of an exercise regimen, each has their own unique way of giving a great workout.

Hip Hop is often high-energy and can give a great cardio workout to upbeat music that is sure to keep the participants entertained. Belly Dance can really help with building the core through slow and deliberate isolated movements of the arms, chest and hips. Isolating muscle groups can really help with toning and strengthening. Aerial Silks is another such class that strengthens the core along with arms and legs by climbing and doing acrobatic style moves on a silk fabric suspended from the ceiling. Taking at least one of each class per week is a great way to break up the common workout routine and will work the body in different ways that give much needed variation in exercise. Muscles that were not often used will be awoken in these styles of dance.

Dancer’s Gallery offers Hip Hop Dance, Belly Dance and Aerial Silks classes for children and adults in Cooper City and Davie. They even offer a Mother/Daughter Belly Dance class allowing both to benefit from the physical aspects of the class while bonding over the beautiful art form. Hip Hop is great for all ages and adults will have a lot of fun in the Teen/Adult classes offered regularly at our Dance Studio in Cooper City. Aerial Silks is a popular newer class and Dancer’s Gallery is proud to be one of the only dance studios in Broward County offering this unique class in its state-of-the art 10,000 sq. ft. facility.

In addition to these unique ways to get your workout in, Dancer’s Gallery also offers the popular Zumba and Yoga classes among many other choices. It is possible to get a complete workout routine developed around dance, yoga and acrobatic classes at Dancer’s Gallery! No need for a boring old gym. So, why wait? Get in touch today.