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Benefits of music and movement in children’s lives

Reaction to music and movement is an instinctive characteristic found in all humans, specifically young children. Children find a way to use music and dance to express themselves and to develop a sense of emotional, cognitive, social and language related skills. At Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City the ballet, hip hop, jazz and acrobatic classes offered through the after care program provide a tremendous opportunity for children to further develop their love for music and movement. Children enrolled in Dancer’s Gallery after care program are given the chance to grow intellectually, socially and physically. The ballet and hip hop classes reinforce coordination and discipline and help the children gain self confidence.

In the ballet and hip hop classes offered through the after care program at Dancer’s Gallery, children learn to appreciate a variety of types of music, physical movement and are taught the importance of accepting diversity among their friends. The ballet and hip hop students have multiple opportunities to perform on stage with their friends and learn to love the beauty of the arts. Research shows that young children who are enrolled in programs like the after care program at Dancer’s Gallery for at least 3 hours per day and 3 days per week are more likely to be outstanding academic achievers, elected to leadership roles in school and have perfect attendance. The research goes on to say that “the more music and movement children are exposed to at young ages, the more deeply neurological coding in the brain will assist them throughout their lives.”

Dancer’s Gallery’s after school care program also provides young ballet and hip hop dancers the opportunity to further develop their love of music through piano and voice lessons. As in the dance programs, the instrument lesson classes teach students to be respectful of diverse abilities while showcasing their own strengths. After care students are encouraged to try a variety of classes, other than just ballet and hip hop, so they can experience a variety of movement and personal expression.

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