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Ballet is a Foundation for Strength and Discipline

When new parents and students walk into our dance studio without any idea of what to try first, I will always tell them to take “Ballet”. Ballet will make any dancer the best they can be because it is the foundation of all dance and starting a dance career will benefit from that foundation. Not all dancers specialize in ballet, but dancers that take ballet as a secondary style have also noticed improvement in other areas including Hip-Hop and Salsa. Ballet is often a prerequisite for dance techniques such as contemporary and modern dance.

Ballet teaches discipline and builds incredible strength from the core to the extension of the legs and arms. Often times, coaches from all areas of the sports world will recommend ballet to their athletes to help with their form. Many football players have been known to take ballet classes and even some boxers and horseback riders. Serious ice skaters as well as gymnasts are also required to take ballet. These athletes are taught finesse, posture, speed, balance, strength, flexibility and mental focus through ballet. These are all skills that are needed on the field, mat, ice, on a horse, and in the ring. Ballet is not just for those that take the stage.

Ballet basics can be taught to children as young as two in classes such as combos of ballet/tap or ballet/jazz. Training will continue as the dancer grows older and moves into pre-ballet, elementary ballet, beginner, intermediate and advanced. When the dancer has had enough training, reached a minimum age of 11,12 or even older, and has built enough strength, they will start pointe class. Pointe is one of the biggest achievements a young ballerina can gain. It is important that the advancement of a dancer to that level is taken very seriously and with incredible care since it can come with possible injuries. There are natural physical developments that must take place before starting pointe and therefore, a combination of age and training is a factor in determining readiness. In ballet, precise and perfected movement is achieved through physical and mental strength and discipline.

Adults are also coming to the Ballet Barre as returning students or first timers. A variety of ballet fusion classes have recently become popular as a great form of exercise for strength training and flexibility. To find out more about ballet dance classes in cooper city or ballet technique classes to begin your dance training or enhance your game call Dancer’s Gallery at 954-437-9910 or visit us at 12323 SW 55th St. Unit 1010, Cooper City, Florida 33330.